A documentary about cultural survival and stolen children: inside the first truth and reconciliation commission for Native Americans. Currently screening in film festivals, Dawnland will premiere November 5 on PBS Independent Lens. Find a full list of screenings at dawnland.org.

Dawnland is co-directed and photographed by Ben Pender-Cudlip. Supporters include the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, LEF Foundation, Points North Film Fellowship, Vison Maker Media, and Britdoc's Good Pitch. 

Tethys (pre-production)

Bob Schuler’s opus is a gallery at the bottom of the sea, a collection of art sunk into the ooze and muck. It is an undersea necklace encircling the earth, composed of granite cubes and designed to last at least least 50 million years. Tethys (working title) is an experimental documentary essay about Schuler's quixotic "around the world ocean burial." 

Produced and directed by Ben Pender-Cudlip, Tethys is supported by the LEF Foundation. This film is fiscally sponsored by Documentary Educational Resources and accepts tax-deductible donations. Follow the project on Instagram and Twitter.