Our Grandfather's Clock

10 min  |  2014  |  Producer, Director, DP

For as long as I can remember, a grandfather clock stood in the corner of my grandparents' living room. This film is a meditation on life, family, and the wheels of time.


8 min  |  2012  |  Producer, Director, DP

Sanjiban has just passed away and his body is about to return to the earth, but he lives on in his twin brother and his eccentric, artistic films.


1 min  |  2013  |  Producer, Director, DP

A kinetic expression of a familiar ritual: a dog chasing after his most prized possession.

Some Old Ford

5 min  |  2011  |  Producer, Director, DP

“I’m just a guy that kept an old car. Once I got used to the idea of keeping it and enjoying it, and became more aware of how much I liked it, I got a big smile every time I fired it up.”